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GPU Particles
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A particle engine written in WebGL that uses shaders to process all particle motion. 200,000 particles are simulated in the browser. 8 shaders provide different animation modes that can be accessed via the number keys.

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Root Beer Challenge

Root Beer Challenge started off as a root beer taste test. The members of Colossal Squid Industries fancied themselves purveyors of the fine taste of root beer, and thus a “fun project” was born. In an effort to document the event I designed and built a website full of all the charm and wit timelessly associated with root beer. The design includes a tremendous amount of compositing in Photoshop, combined with a fun interface and fluid animation. It was basically the steam punk website I had always wanted to create. The site became an ongoing project, with multiple members of the team contributing assets.

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Mattel Toys – The Dark Knight

While working at Pixel, I was excited to be a part of the launch of the toy campaign for “The Dark Knight”. Mattel wanted a banner campaign that would engage children and help them learn about the new toys surrounding the Movie. I designed and created a banner bursting with animation and flair. The client was extremely pleased and the campaign generated 4 times the normal number of impressions.

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LEGO Castle

Lego wanted Pixel to create a banner campaign highlighting the Lego Castle brand, and bringing attention to the game Lego created to go along with the series. I designed and build an in-banner game based off the assets from the original. The result was a tiny, fun, and addicting web game that gave Lego Castle the attention it deserved. Click the catapult to launch boulders at the approaching army – survive as long as you can.

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LEGO Mars Mission

Lego again came to Pixel wanting a fun in-banner version of a game they created for their Lego Mars Mission brand. Using the assets from the original Mars Mission game, I designed and built a small banner game that let users shoot at passing waves of enemies. The project made heavy use of trigonometry to dictate the paths of the AI vehicles. Point and shoot.

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