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Procedural City
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Fly through a cityscape built entirely from algorithms. Each building is randomly generated by manipulating cube geometry. The position, size, and color of the buildings are generated from simplex noise maps. This was built for WebGL using the Three.js library.

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Cityscape-1 Cityscape-3 Cityscape-4 Cityscape-5 Cityscape-8 Cityscape-7 Cityscape-6

Coconut Run
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Johnson Controls hired Colossal Squid Industries to create a new web presence. As part of the site, three games were to be developed to help drive the primary marketing goals – the first game was Coconut Run. In Coconut Run, users can draw their own car and use it to transport coconuts across a challenging terrain. I created the concept, and worked closely with a designer and illustrator, building a robust game that integrated the Box2D physics engine for realistic and fun game play. The game was a viral success, and soon many youtube videos appeared showing off the impressive and hilarious variety of vehicles users had created.

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While working at Pixel, the creative team was tasked with creating a fun web presence for the Ball Park Franks brand. Hunger Land is a top-down driving game used to explore a world of fun surprises. Users drive a number of vehicles across a crazy world containing deserts, swamps, forests, plains, and ice worlds. I created the initial concept and layout, and I worked with an illustrator to create the map for the fictional Hunger Land. I also built the site – including custom AI, a tunable driving engine, and multiple particle engines.

hungerland2 hungerland3 hungerland4 hungerland5

Particle Flow Builder
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The second game in the Johnson Control’s trilogy is Particle Pro. Particle Pro allows you to take control over the energy use of a home by directing the flow of particles using various tools. The Box2d engine is again used as the base for the physics engine, and a number of tools were created to bounce, funnel, slow, accelerate, and redirect particles. I contributed to the concept and worked with a designer and illustrator to build the final product.

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particlePro2 particlePro3

The Piggy Contraption

The third and final game in the Johnson Controls series has you tossing a pig around your own fantastic contraption. The game asks users to get a pig to the top of a tower by drawing with tools that do a variety of things: platforms, launch pads, cushions, conveyor belts, and trampolines. Box2D is again used for the physics engine, and an another team member provided the graphic design and illustration. Of the three Johnson Control games, this one is by far the most hilarious.

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piggy2 piggy3

LEGO Castle

Lego wanted Pixel to create a banner campaign highlighting the Lego Castle brand, and bringing attention to the game Lego created to go along with the series. I designed and build an in-banner game based off the assets from the original. The result was a tiny, fun, and addicting web game that gave Lego Castle the attention it deserved. Click the catapult to launch boulders at the approaching army – survive as long as you can.

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LEGO Mars Mission

Lego again came to Pixel wanting a fun in-banner version of a game they created for their Lego Mars Mission brand. Using the assets from the original Mars Mission game, I designed and built a small banner game that let users shoot at passing waves of enemies. The project made heavy use of trigonometry to dictate the paths of the AI vehicles. Point and shoot.

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