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Perlin Shader
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Perlin noise can be used to create a wide variety of imagery. Here we use a fragment shader and Perlin noise to divide a canvas into regions and render different noise patterns in each. The resulting visuals are totally random and constantly evolving. You can also save high-res screenshots from the controls. This shader was written in GLSL and presented with Three.js. Javascript was used to track and evolve the individual regions.

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PerlinShader-13 PerlinShader-12 PerlinShader-11 PerlinShader-10 PerlinShader-9 PerlinShader-8 PerlinShader-7 PerlinShader-5 PerlinShader-4 PerlinShader-3 PerlinShader-2 PerlinShader-1

Polygon Subdivision
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Arbitrary 4-sided polygons are randomly subdivided until a specific size threshold is met. The color of the resulting subdivisions is calculated based on slight deviations to the parent polygon. Made with P5.js.

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PolygonSubdivision-1506618568943 PolygonSubdivision-1506618587888 PolygonSubdivision-1506618536509 PolygonSubdivision-1506618503265 PolygonSubdivision-1506618445678 PolygonSubdivision-1506618436036 PolygonSubdivision-1506618371573 PolygonSubdivision-1506618358895 PolygonSubdivision-1506618760012

Masonry+CSS Colors
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While making a prototype using the javascript library Masonry, I came across the full list of CSS colors. The number of colors and the strange names some of them had facinated me, so I chose to integrate them into the demonstration. This prototype UI grabs 5 random colors from the full list of CSS color names, you can then infinite scroll through content and select only the content of a specific color. There is a randomize button in the upper right to select 5 new random colors. Its fun.

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Instagram Grid
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I wanted to see if I could make an animated grid of Instagram photos using javascirpt and a little jQuery. It turns out I could, but the real point of the exercise was to see how easy it was to use the Instagram API. This prototype has a rudimentary UI that allows you to change the tag search. You can also control the size of the grid and animation speed.

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