Monthly Archives: November 2013

Beautiful Programming

Beautiful Programming is a collection of generative design experiments made with Processing. I’ve always been fascinated by generative design. At an early age I discovered my grandfather’s old spirograph set in the back corners of a dusty attic. I was amazed at how the combinations of mathematical relationships created different patterns. I’ve since learned how to […]


What started out as a personal project quickly turned into a full blown iPad app. Uzu is a “Kinetic Multitouch Particle Visualizer”, and it was the first iPad app to utilize all 10 fingers for interaction. Using a custom physics-based particle engine and OpenGL ES, Uzu allows users to manipulate a fully dynamic art light […]

Creative Confidence

While working at IDEO, I had the great opportunity to help with the NYC launch party for the book “Creative Confidence” by Tom and David Kelly.  I built some software using processing that simulated painting with a brush. To generate the colors, images were loaded from Instagram that were tagged with #creativeconfidence. Attendees of the […]

LED Infinity Mirror

I love flashing lights. All the better if I get to control them. 1 Arduino Mega and 10 meters of RGB LEDs later and we have a prototype for a wall of LED light strips. The eventual hope is to turn the entire thing into an infinity mirror. Then we just sit and stare for […]

Masonry+CSS Colors

While making a prototype using the javascript library Masonry, I came across the full list of CSS colors. The number of colors and the strange names some of them had facinated me, so I chose to integrate them into the demonstration. This prototype UI grabs 5 random colors from the full list of CSS color […]

Instagram Grid

I wanted to see if I could make an animated grid of Instagram photos using javascirpt and a little jQuery. It turns out I could, but the real point of the exercise was to see how easy it was to use the Instagram API. This prototype has a rudimentary UI that allows you to change […]

Actionscript Lab is a personal website. It is a place where I created a number of visual experiments in Actionscript 3. The project represents some of my favorite explorations of visual creativity and demonstrates a number of useful dynamic animation techniques. In a way, this site was the precursor to Uzu, as many of the techniques […]

Coconut Run

Johnson Controls hired Colossal Squid Industries to create a new web presence. As part of the site, three games were to be developed to help drive the primary marketing goals – the first game was Coconut Run. In Coconut Run, users can draw their own car and use it to transport coconuts across a challenging […]

Little Greenie

When Scott hired Colossal Squid Industries to build a new web presence, they wanted an interactive web app that would help encourage users to be more “green”. Working with the overall Scott team, I designed and built Little Greenie: a flash-based web app that allows users to choose green promises and plant them as trees […]

Root Beer Challenge

Root Beer Challenge started off as a root beer taste test. The members of Colossal Squid Industries fancied themselves purveyors of the fine taste of root beer, and thus a “fun project” was born. In an effort to document the event I designed and built a website full of all the charm and wit timelessly […]


While working at Pixel, the creative team was tasked with creating a fun web presence for the Ball Park Franks brand. Hunger Land is a top-down driving game used to explore a world of fun surprises. Users drive a number of vehicles across a crazy world containing deserts, swamps, forests, plains, and ice worlds. I […]

Particle Flow Builder

The second game in the Johnson Control’s trilogy is Particle Pro. Particle Pro allows you to take control over the energy use of a home by directing the flow of particles using various tools. The Box2d engine is again used as the base for the physics engine, and a number of tools were created to […]

The Piggy Contraption

The third and final game in the Johnson Controls series has you tossing a pig around your own fantastic contraption. The game asks users to get a pig to the top of a tower by drawing with tools that do a variety of things: platforms, launch pads, cushions, conveyor belts, and trampolines. Box2D is again […]

Mattel Toys – The Dark Knight

While working at Pixel, I was excited to be a part of the launch of the toy campaign for “The Dark Knight”. Mattel wanted a banner campaign that would engage children and help them learn about the new toys surrounding the Movie. I designed and created a banner bursting with animation and flair. The client […]

LEGO Castle

Lego wanted Pixel to create a banner campaign highlighting the Lego Castle brand, and bringing attention to the game Lego created to go along with the series. I designed and build an in-banner game based off the assets from the original. The result was a tiny, fun, and addicting web game that gave Lego Castle […]

LEGO Mars Mission

Lego again came to Pixel wanting a fun in-banner version of a game they created for their Lego Mars Mission brand. Using the assets from the original Mars Mission game, I designed and built a small banner game that let users shoot at passing waves of enemies. The project made heavy use of trigonometry to […]