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Generative Illustrations
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Created in Processing. Fully procedural illustrations using a map system to detect shapes. A line wanders around the canvas and detects collisions. When collisions are found, a map graph is used to detect the polygon that was formed and generative algorithms are used to create fill patterns.

PolyDraw15 PolyDraw07 PolyDraw01 PolyDraw18 PolyDraw17 PolyDraw16 PolyDraw19 PolyDraw12 PolyDraw11 PolyDraw10 PolyDraw04 PolyDraw05 PolyDraw03 PolyDraw09 PolyDraw08 PolyDraw06 PolyDraw13 PolyDraw02

Beautiful Programming
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Beautiful Programming is a collection of generative design experiments made with Processing. I’ve always been fascinated by generative design. At an early age I discovered my grandfather’s old spirograph set in the back corners of a dusty attic. I was amazed at how the combinations of mathematical relationships created different patterns. I’ve since learned how to create these effects using only computer code. What started as a fascination has turned into a life long passion.  These sketches are the descendants of the tiny spirograph doodles I made as a boy.

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Creative Confidence
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While working at IDEO, I had the great opportunity to help with the NYC launch party for the book “Creative Confidence” by Tom and David Kelly.  I built some software using processing that simulated painting with a brush. To generate the colors, images were loaded from Instagram that were tagged with #creativeconfidence. Attendees of the party could sit down and paint pictures from the party. A second computer projected images on the wall that were painted dynamically by a brush simulation particle engine. 10 different effects animated and painted while loading various images of the party.